The Devil, our silent guardian

~ by someone at facebook

Actually, the devil gave humans critical thinking, which God didn’t want. He wanted us to not eat from the tree of knowledge of whatever-the-hell so we could basically be thought-slaves for eternity, but the devil did us a favor and turned the table there with a single conversation.

Also, the devil killed a grand total of 10 people in the Bible, while God killed somewhere around 2.3 million.

He understands human nature, but doesn’t judge you for being human. He accepts God’s unwanted children unconditionally.

And still, he’s the dickhead. Why? Because he can take it. Because he’s not our hero. He’s our silent guardian. A watchful protector.

A dark knight.


Why I Left Religion

There are 3 things that are important for you to know:
  1. You can believe anything you want, it’s your basic human right.
  2. But don’t forget your beliefs always influence your actions.
  3. The only way to become a better person is for you to learn. Because of (2), to make a progress, you always need to revise what you believe, what you know, about anything. You can’t stop. You have to progress. Because of (1), nothing is out of limit,  “the sky is your limit”.
So, why I left religion?
– Religious dogma prevents you from learning. It gives one picture of the world, one standard of morality, basically one way to live your life. Any other way is heresy, is out of limit. And I just can’t live with that. I can’t stop learning. It’s the only way that I can live my life to the fullest: to never stop learning.