Burqa, a preference?



Burqa is not about preference, I think the fact that burqa exists is a gross insult to women everywhere. Of course people are free to wear any kind of clothes they want, but if a woman feel so insecure or paranoid that she want to cover all part of her body except her eyes, I’d think that we would help her to be more confident in some way instead of just let her be like that, right?

But no, I don’t think burqa is about preference, or being shy, no no. I think it’s about false religious belief and local societal pressure to wear it. Try this, next time you see some women wear burqa, look into their eyes, their beautiful eyes.. Yes, surprise surprise. Some of them wear extensive make up to make their eyes look dazzling. They want to look pretty, but because they were forced to wear burqa, the eyes is the only thing they can show to the world. Isn’t it sad? 

Now let’s do something and get them out from that garment cage we call “burqa”..